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~ AC/DC ~
Back in Black                                                                                        23kb 
Highway to Hell                                                                                    21kb
~ Aerosmith ~
Crazy                                                                                                      37kb 
Dream on                                                                                               15kb 
Living on the edge                                                                              35kb 
Sweet Emotion                                                                                     49kb
~ Alanis Morriset ~
Ironic                                                                                                        9kb 
One hand in my pocket                                                                      37kb 
You oughta know                                                                                20kb
~ Alannah Miles ~
Black Velvet                                                                                           21kb
~ Aqua ~
Barbie Girl                                                                                              78kb
~ Beastie Boys ~
Girls                                                                                                         24kb
~ Billy Joel ~
Piano man                                                                                             18kb 
Uptown  girl                                                                                           50kb
~ Bush ~
Glycerine                                                                                               40kb
~ Cheryl Crow ~
Have some fun                                                                                     32kb 
~ Chicago ~
If you leave me now                                                                            42kb 
Saturday in the Park                                                                           13kb
~ Counting Crows ~
Mr. Jones                                                                                               48kb 
Round here                                                                                           27kb

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